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A Message from Chief Wanto

All residents are encouraged to contact the Police Department for any traffic related complaints in your neighborhood. Often times, we are not aware of a situation such as excessive speeding, stop sign violations, or reckless driving in a particular location. In order to be proactive in remedying the problem, we need to be aware of it. Please do not feel that your complaints are too small to be forwarded. We would much rather deal with the problem than simply react to it. Also, the department has equipment to monitor speeds and calculate when the best time to target a particular area is. So, the better informed we are, the better for the community.


Emergency Management for Residents in Need

Leet Township is compiling a list of residents that need special medical assistance during an emergency. If your loved one has special needs or you know someone that would need assistance during an emergency please contact the Leet Township Police Department at 724-266-6142 for more information or stop in fill out the “Premise Alert Request Form for First Responders”.

All information given is confidential.

LTPD Premise Alert Request Form