Credit Card Payment Portal

Leet Township Credit Card and ACH Payments

MasterCard, Discover, Visa and ACH are accepted for payments. For MasterCard, Discover and Visa a convenience fee of $2.45 will be added to transactions under $100.00 or for transactions over $100.00, 2.45% of the total amount will be added at checkout. ACH payments have a flat rate of $1.50 per transaction.

Click the buttons below and follow the prompts to pay:

utility-bill-payments-button Leet Township Municipal Authority (Sewer) Payments

Property Tax Leet Township Municipal Tax Payments

Building permits Building Permit Payments (The Building Inspector will assess permit fees.)

Parks and Recreation Plum Street Park Rentals (Reservations must be made through the office first. Reservations that are not made through the office will not be honored.)

Community Fees Community Fees: Use this option to pay for Occupancy Permits, Variance Hearing & Appeals, Alarm Permits, Solicitation Licenses, Landlord Registration, and Code Book purchases online! MasterCard, Discover, Visa, & ACH are accepted for payments.

 Misc. Fees: If you’d like to make a payment online, but the option isn’t listed under the other categories, please use this one! No payments to Leet Township Municipal Authority (LTMA) for sewer bills will be accepted.