Credit Card Payment Portal

Leet Township Credit Card and ACH Payments

MasterCard, Discover, Visa and ACH are accepted for payments. For MasterCard, Discover and Visa a convenience fee of $2.45 will be added to transactions under $100.00 or for transactions over $100.00, 2.45% of the total amount will be added at checkout. ACH payments have a flat rate of $1.50 per transaction.

Click the buttons below and follow the prompts to pay:

utility-bill-payments-button Leet Township Municipal Authority (Sewer) Payments

property-taxes-button Leet Township Municipal Tax Payments

building-permits-button Building Permit Payments (The Building Inspector will assess permit fees.)

parks-and-rec-button Plum Street Park Rentals (Reservations must be made through the office first. Reservations that are not made through the office will not be honored.)

community-fees-button Community Fees: Use this option to pay for Occupancy Permits, Variance Hearing & Appeals, Alarm Permits, Solicitation Licenses, Landlord Registration, and Code Book purchases online! MasterCard, Discover, Visa, & ACH are accepted for payments.

misc-payments-button Misc. Fees: If you’d like to make a payment online, but the option isn’t listed under the other categories, please use this one! No payments to Leet Township Municipal Authority (LTMA) for sewer bills will be accepted.