Some Facts about Leet Township:

  • Established in 1869.
  • Population: 1634.
  • Once part of the Six Nations Indian Lands.
  • Purchased from the Six Nations to become part of the Depreciation Lands after the Revolutionary War.
  • Fair Oaks is named after the Battle of Fair Oaks, VA. (Civil War).
  • Leet Township Neighborhoods:
    • Fair Oaks
    • Quaker Heights
    • Leet Acres
    • Olde Sewickley Highlands


The Depreciation Lands

At the end of the Revolutionary War, money (Continental Script) had depreciated in value and businesses often refused to take it. In order to pay Pennsylvania soldiers, the state issued Depreciation Certificates. The value of the certificate was based on the years of service, rank and the rate of depreciation during a soldier’s time of service. The certificates could be used to buy land. Leet Township is located within the Depreciation Lands. Originally surveyed by Daniel Leet, Leet Township is named after his brother, Jonathan Leet.


The Establishment of Leet Township 


Additional References

History of Allegheny County Pennsylvania (Google E-Book, page 197 includes Leet Township’s amazing history!)

PennDOT Map of Leet Township (PDF – click to open)

Beaver County Times Article, June 20, 1969

Beaver County Times Article, June 20, 1969


1929 Voting District Map

Leet Township Voting Districts in 1929