Local and School District Tax Collection

Leet Township has appointed Jordan Tax Service as Deputy Tax Collector. All payments for Leet Township Municipal Taxes and Quaker Valley School district Taxes will be collected by Jordan. For tax certifications please contact Jordan.

Due dates have not been changed.

Jordan Tax Service
102 Rahway Road
McMurray, PA 15317
PH: 724-731-2300



Municipal Real Estate Taxes Due Date
2% Discount March 15th– May 15th
Face May 16th– July 15th
Penalty After July 15th

Turned over to Portnoff

(Delinquent Tax Collector)

December 31st
School Tax Due Date
2% Discount July 1st– Aug. 31st
Face Sept. 1st – Oct. 31st
Penalty After Oct. 31st

Turned over to Jordan

(School District’s Delinquent Tax  Collector)

April 30th
School Tax Installments (No discount) Due Date
1st Payment Aug. 31st
2nd Payment Sept. 30th
3rd Payment November 30th
4th Payment Jan. 31st
Earned Income & LST Tax Collector
Keystone Collections Group
546 Wendell Rd.
Irwin, PA 15642
Earned Income Tax Rate: 1%
PSD Code: 711106

Delinquent Tax Collector
Portnoff Associates
2700 Horizon Drive, Suite 100
King of Prussia, PA 19406