Alarm Permit

Leet Township Ordinance 239 requires that all alarms installed in Leet Township be permitted by the Police Department.

Alarm Permit Fee: $25.00

Submit completed Alarm Permit with a payment of $25.00 to:
Leet Township Police Department
194 Ambridge Ave.
Fair Oaks, PA 15003

Alarm Permit (PDF – click to open)

Alternatively, complete the application below and remit your $25.00 payment via our Online Payment Center.

Alarm Permit Application

  • Permit holder shall agree, as a condition to the issuance of this permit, release indemnify, and hold the Township, its employees, officers, and agents, harmless to any damage to other parties or properties incurred in responding to an alarm.
  • Permit Holder shall also agree to provide the Leet Township Police Department or the alarm company monitoring the alarm, a list of at least two individuals having access to the premises served by the alarm device, who are authorized to enter said premises and are adequately informed on how to reset or operate the alarm device.