Leet Township Building Inspector/Occupancy Permits

Building Permits
A Building Permit must be obtained from the Building Inspector before any existing or proposed building or alteration is made. This includes changes of grade, walls, fences, swimming pools, driveways, etc.

Occupancy Permits
Leet Township requires an occupancy permit with each and every change in occupancy.

For Building Permits, Zoning Certificates, and Occupancy Permits or if you are unsure if a permit is required for your project, please contact:

Building Inspection Underwriters
343 Eicher Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15202

Website: Click the link below 


Occupancy Inspector: Dan Burns

Building Inspector: Ron Mulcahy

412-766-2711 (fax)

Resolution 2020-10 BIU Fees

Zoning Certificate of Compliance