Leet Township Zoning and Building Inspection Permits

Steps to obtain a zoning and building permit in Leet Township:

Leet Township Ordinance 27-802 requires that all building permits shall be in writing to the Zoning Officer for approval before a building permit is issued.

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Ordinance 27-802 Building Permits

Step 1: Zoning Permits: $65.00
A zoning permit is required for any and all alterations including for building permits, fences, pools, driveways and retaining walls, etc. The zoning certificate should be turned into the Manager’s Office at the Leet Township Municipal Building, 194 Ambridge Ave., Fair Oaks, PA 15003 or you may email it to brengers@leettwp.org.

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Step 2: Building Permits: See Fee Schedule 
A building permit must be obtained from the building inspector before any existing or proposed building or alteration is made.

Professional Code Services, Inc.
4035 Gibsonia Road
Gibsonia, PA 15044


724-449-2673 Fax

John Nath, Plans Examiner/Building Official


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Building Permit Fees

Building Permit Application

Occupancy Permits
Leet Township requires an annual occupancy inspection for all rental units.

Please contact the Manager at 724-266-2280 x1 for more information regarding occupancy permits or to schedule an inspection.